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mandalanature / workshops

Mandala nature works on the principle of 'like attracts like'. The symbols used represent certain

states of consciousness. When you construct a mandala using these symbols you are creating a

receptacle in the image of these elevated states of awareness. When you meditate on these shapes

you are tuning in to these higher states and attract by similitude the powers held within them.

ONE DAY WORKSHOPS: Presented as a day-long meditation based upon the creation of your own personal mandala using mandala nature kits.


Introduction to the mandala nature process

Experience the power of Yantra (Geometric Symbol) for accessing expanded states of consciousness

Overview of the transpersonal cartography of the psyche.

Learn about and use the traditional tools of the Tibetan Masters

Enjoy a deeply rewarding sensation of satisfied completion

Interact with the archetypal forces operating just below the surface of the psyche

Harness the power of mandala to move beyond the thought stream of the mind

Reconnect with the inherent wholeness within you

Experience the liberation of freedom from attachments

Honour the impermanence of all things through a deconstruction and letting go ritual