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[The Mandala] ' Is a very important tool for meditation....... for spiritual practice....... we are very excited about the work you are doing with the mandalas'

Stanislav Grof M.D.

Consciousness Pioneer and co-founder of Transpersonal Psychology.

Wow, what a lovely workshop.

And what an amazing place the shell cottage is!

I came away feeling quite liberated and happy.  It was hard to describe the shift that had occurred in me.

Was it that Geoff's workshop had given me a permission to start tending to my soul?

I did notice that i felt very 'in-myself' when making the sand mandala, in a very unique way.  And i wish to thank Geoff and the other people on the workshop for that. I was given the time and space to really expand my soul in ways which i do not allow myself much.

Thank you. I will definitely come again.

Sarah Hirigoyen

Integrative Psychotherapist (UKCP reg.)London.

Hi Geoff,

Just to say thank you for your amazing transformational Mandala Creation Workshop.  I loved every aspect of the day and acknowledge you for the "beingness" you brought to the experience.  You were a generous, loving, open presence and this only added to the sacredness of the occasion.  I experienced a  definite shift on many different levels and am now living my life committed to balance and harmony, committed to being free of self criticism and opening myself up to the joy of having love in my life.

I am now learning to enjoy being a human "BEING" rather than a human "DOING" machine and have never felt so relaxed.

Many thanks again Geoff and blessings to you and those you love.

Rosemary Lennon-Maher

It was a truly wonderful day for me of gentle awakenings. A fire has been lit within that continues and will continue to burn. I contnue to be able to recall my mandala in my minds eye, particularly the centre section, and Metatron is constantly by my side. I have also started using the mandala in my work with clients in a simple way and intend to learn more.

Thank you so much for following your passion so passionately and for your gentle facilitation.

Much love and blessings,


Trish Klinkenberg

Just as I seeking direction on mindfulness and a way to start engaging with meditation through creativity, I received an invitation to the Mandala Nature workshop at the beautiful Shell Cottage in Maynooth.  The structure of the workshop and exploration of the use of mandalas with other attendees was fun and meaningful.  The greatest value of the day for me was turning impermanence into power: we made our mandalas from beautiful paint powders with ancient tools, tiny shells and such, each representing some aspect of our thoughts, to then take our masterpieces apart and let go!  The workshop certainly excelled my expectations as I left feeling re-energised and fearless of the changes occurring in my own life.  I would certainly recommend Mandala nature for offering a joyful tool for change, for anyone starting to explore their creativity and spirit, or indeed anyone interested in delving deeper into understanding the shapes and colours of their thoughts and emotions.

Karoona Jhugaroo,

Reiki Practitioner,