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Of all the geometric archetypes; Metatrons Cube has been amongst the most created at my workshops over the last 10 years. Having held space for 100’s of people to create this sacred shape I have witnessed it’s incredible transformative power.

Scott and I are excited to announce our special 3 day intensive this year will focus exclusively on the magic of metatrons cube in all its forms.

In this workshop you will experience:

 Projection Mapping: Meditate upon a 10ft square projection mapped Metatrons Cube

 Geometric Drawing: Learn first hand how to draw Metatrons Cube in pure geometry (much easier than you might expect)

MANDALA Creation: Create a large 10ft square metatrons cube using sand, crystals and natural materials with the traditional tools of the Tibetan Monks.

Guided Meditations: Meditation upon Metatrons Cube has an ineffable quality imbued with a pleasing sense of expanding the inner horizon.

The workshop is designed to invite you to experience the depths of what Metatrons Cube can offer you personally. We will adopt a three-fold approach for interacting with this shape:


1. Concentration - Primarily the concentrative aspects of the psyche are employed to experience the drawing of the archetype

2. Contemplation - Following on from drafting metatrons cube individually we will learn about the manifestation of this shape in nature, architecture, myth and metaphor.

3. Meditation - Ultimately this archetype affects us in unique ways. By reflecting deeply and meditating upon Metatron we open to sources of wisdom deep within ourselves and can get insights and truths that are often self-revelatory and illuminating.

Metatrons Cube Intensive 2017


Date: Friday October 27th - Sunday October 29th

Location: Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, Ireland

Cost: €500

Price includes workshop, accommodation & meals.

(Discounts Available)

   with Scott Onstott (secrets in plain sight) and Geoff Fitzpatrick (mandalanature)

     “A symbol is indeed the only possible expression of some invisible essence, a         transparent lamp about a spiritual flame….”

                                                                                           William Butler Yeats


Metatrons Cube has many qualities; we will explore:

Balance and Harmony - Metatron combines circles and straight lines in a way that harmonises opposites. Day - Night, Masculine - Feminine are expressed and reconciled within this shape.

 Natures Building Blocks - Metatrons Cube births the building blocks of material reality. It facilitates the emergence of the platonic solids which are encoded in natures primarily forms, elements, atoms and molecules.

 Interdimensional Metaphor: One of the most fascinating qualities is how Metaron’ Cube shows us movement from a 2 dimensional drawing on a page to the arising of a 3 dimensional form in the emergence of the platonic solids. More interestingly Metatrons Cube invites us to view a higher dimensional form called a Tesseract. In this regard Metatron can be viewed symbolically as a tool for moving between dimensions.

Transcendence Tool: Ultimately Metatrons Cube shines brightest by changing our inner state in ways that expand our reality envelopes.

About the Presenters

Scott Onstott

I studied architecture in university and started my career doing manual drafting. Later I transitioned to using CAD software and worked as a designer in many prominent architectural and engineering offices in San Francisco. As an admirer of great design, I was fascinated by the crop circle phenomenon. In my spare time I drew crop circles and I can attest that the geometry itself slowly upgraded my consciousness.

In 2010 I ended up writing, producing and narrating the Secrets in Plain Sight films, now seen by more than 9 million people (as of Feb ’17). These films reveal how sacred geometry underlies much of the world’s great art, architecture and urban design. I’ve written 7 books since and sacred geometry plays a central role every time.

I have come to realize that geometry is the universal language because the universe—in all its manifold complexity—is literally geometry imagined in the universal mind.

When we draw geometry for the sake of geometry, we reflect the macrocosm in our own personal microcosms. Simply by drawing or decorating a geometric mandala, we get in tune with that which is above; it feels authentic, true, is healing, allows us to see others in their essence, connects us with our higher selves. In a word it feels sacred. It’s not political, religious or something to over-intellectualize. Working with geometry is a transformative and unexpectedly mysterious experience. -Scott Onstott

Geoff Fitzpatrick

…the greatest teachers for me have been the shapes themselves. The geometric symbols that date back into our prehistory and their origins dwell in the very fabric of what creates the universe itself.

Nothing has exposed me to more mystery or opened me to greater depths of inner experience than working with these symbols. The sum total of my seeking, the knowledge gleaned from the courses, workshops of all kinds, powerful peak experiences and exposure to enlightened teachers can be distilled down to one very simple thing.

I believe there is a greater wisdom available to us at all times…Nothing comes close to the experiences that unfold when I am connected to this higher wisdom. Nothing changes my life more, it frees me from patterns of attachment, opens me to greater depths of feeling, fills me with more gratitude, awakens me to the interconnectivity of existence, provides power in times of challenge, clarity when confusion visits and overwhelming feelings of being protected and loved. It is my view that one minute spent experiencing this higher wisdom will lead to more transformation than reading 100 books or attending 1000 courses. This has become a guiding principal for me, a core value.

It is in this spirit I present It is my wish that through sharing and distributing these shapes that my work will stand to help others open to their inner depths and experience their own mandala nature! -Geoff Fitzpatrick

Directions: link here


Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath

Telephone: 046 9074455 Fax: 046 9074455

International Telephone: +353 46 9074455 Fax:+353 46 9074455

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Holotropic Breathwork Retreat

Creacon Lodge Wellness Retreat Centre Co Wexford

Friday 23rd March - Sunday 25th March 2018


Price includes workshop, accommodation & meals.

Benefits of Holotropic Breathwork:

The Breath takes you inside yourself and connects you with your inner healing wisdom

It can open a pathway between your everyday awareness and the deeper hidden aspects of your being

It fosters spaciousness between the little self and your deeper truth

It is a catalyst for expanded states of consciousness

Opens you to infinite vistas of the imagination

Amplifies your natural healing potential

Moves you towards wholeness


Sarah Hirigoyen

Sarah is a psychotherapist interested in trauma, healing, overcoming anxious thinking and self improvement. Sarah has been working in Mental Health for over 20 years. An accredited Integrative Psychotherapist  (2000), She is a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Humanistic Section and is also a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a trained Supervisor (Metanoia Institute). Sarah’s practice has been positively influenced by her training with Holotropic Breathwork over the last 12 years and  she completed certification in 2015.

Geoff Fitzpatrick

Geoff Fitzpatrick B.A. has studied psychology in Trinity College Dublin, and is a Graduate of the Milltown Institute of Theology where he studied spiritual enrichment. He has an active interest in modern consciousness research and is a certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator. Geoff is also a sacred geometer and has been interested in the healing potential of natures patterns and symbols. He has been constructing mandalas for 15 years and has hosted mandala workshops with 100’s of participants over the last decade.

Paul McCormack

Paul has been facilitating Holotropic Breathwork since the early 1990's and has run workshops all over the world in addition to here in Ireland. Paul is a qualified and accreditated Psychotherapist / Counsellor in addition to being a Grof certified facilitator and also is qualified in sound engineering and music production.  Paul strongly believes in the healing and transformational power of Holotropic Breathwork whether it manifests as resolution of old complexes / traumas or behavioural patterns or simply boosts and enhances one's personal creativity and energy. 

The Venue:

The atmosphere of any workshop is supported and nourished in a large way by the set and setting. The physical surroundings at Creacon Wellness Centre compliment the healing journey in every way.

The food prepared by Master Chef Gaetano Pernagallo designs meals that promote health and nutrition while delighting your tastebuds.

The Gardens are a serene space for internal reflection, self discovery, meditation and complete relaxation. The meditation hall is a beautiful space adorned with spiritual artefacts from around the world. Whilst the accommodation is luxurious and conformable. There are treatment rooms, a Gym, and loads of lovely quiet alcoves and relaxation spots. A little piece of Heaven.

We are very excited to be hosting Holotropic breathwork in this new beautiful retreat centre Creation Wellness Centre (click here)

Content and Structure:

Part 1: - PREPARATION - This involves a presentation of Stan Grofs cartography of the psyche, and over view of the range of experiences that can occur while engaged in the breathing. We put emphasis on the primacy of the inner healer as the central tenet of this work and share a technique called yoga of the cross and some introductory meditations.

Part 2: - SESSION - This is the actual breathwork session itself, It lasts 3 hours is accompanied by music and participants are lying down on a mat with eyes closed/eyeshades on with a sitter // support person alongside them. Participants are invited to breathe a little bit deeper and faster and allow the contents of the unconscious rise up into the light of awareness only to whatever degree feels right and appropriate for them.

Part 3: - INTEGRATION - After the breathwork session mandala drawing is engaged in as a way of integrating the experience that has occurred for the person while breathing. 


Friday 23rd       

5:00 - 6.00 pm Arrival and Registration

6.00 - 7.00pm Evening Meal

7.30 - 9.30pm - Opening Circle, Introduction, evening lecture & inner healer meditation.

Saturday 24th

8:45 am - 12:00pm  - Breathwork #1

1.00 - 2.00pm -  lunch

2:30pm - 5:30pm - Breathwork #2

6:30 - 7.30pm - Dinner

7.30- 8.30pm - Integration and Sharing

Sunday 25th  

10.00am - 11:00am - Open Forum Q & A

11.00am - 1.00pm - Integration

1.00pm - 2.00pm Lunch


The psyche of the individual is commensurate with the totality of creative energy. This requires a most radical revision of Western psychology.

Stanislav Grof M.D. 

May 2018

Shell Cottage One Day Mandala Workshop

Date: Saturday 5th May 2018

Location: Shell Cottage Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Cost: €95

Price includes workshop, accommodation & lunch.

(More Details Soon)